Horoscopes – Daily Horoscope App Reviews

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Love it

Almost a Crystal Ball

And almost true most of the time.


Only shows compatibility between a man and woman.

Fairly accurate

I got this app for fun and was surprised by the foretelling of some things. Easy to traverse and provides today, next day, week, and month. Also interesting compatibility is fun to play with. Adding annual would make it even more interesting.

Great app

Very nice !!!


This is the best horoscope I have used. I recommend‼️

Like it

What about the people born on the cusps? Are we able to have this on here?


cant use it to check out compatibility if youre attracted to the same sex! love it

Great! Very thorough and spot-on!

So far, so good. Only had this a short time, but it seems good.

best horoskop app

for me and girlfriend nearly 80-90% forecast. Would be nice when the german language will be added

Really helpful app!

Its a really good app that allows me to see what will happen throughout my week with my horoscope. Its really accurate and really useful!


Very informal

A good overview of ones horoscope.

Interesting information.


The best

Daily dose of fun

Horoscopes app is great as a coffee break activity


Concise and fun.

So entertaining

Seems incredibly accurate to me!

Good and best

Best in lots of forecasts app Thanks



Nice app

Actually i am not a fan of horoscopes, nevertheless, this app helps to start every day with a positive forecast

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